3 New Facebook Features to Help You Reach Your Audience

It seems that recently, Facebook has been making it more difficult than ever for pages to reach their audience without paying for each post. They recently changed their algorithm again, which saw a decline in organic reach for pages (read more about that here).

However, for once, we’re writing to tell you about some new features Facebook has recently introduced which will help you get more reach and engagement from your audience!

These simple tweaks will help your page get a little more engagement from your existing page fans.

  1. Preferred Audiences

The preferred audiences tool is a great way to pick and choose who sees your posts without restricting reach.

“Preferred Audience uses interest tags to help prioritise Page posts in News Feed for each unique reader based on the topics that are most likely to engage them. Interest tags do not limit reach.” – Facebook

Pages with 5,000+ likes have this feature turned on automatically. However, for those with less – you need to dive into your settings to enable the feature. In settings, look for “Audience Optimisation for Posts” and tick the check box, click “save changes” and it’s ready to go!

So, seems like a great way to pick a specific target audience for each of your posts – read more here.


  1. Invite Users Who Like Your Posts to Like Your Page

This is one of my personal favourites! Your posts will already appear in front of people that don’t like your page, they’ll like a post when they see it and just keep scrolling.

This feature allows you to then invite them to like your page!

There’s already been a positive interaction so it’s a great way to build an audience that’s interested in what you post.

Go to your page and choose a post, then click on the people who have liked the post. A box will pop up with a list of everyone who has liked the post. Next to those who don’t already like your page, there will be an “invite” button, just click it to invite that user!

Please note, this is only available for pages with less than 100,000 likes.


  1. Utilise your cover image!

Have you noticed that your profile picture no longer gets in the way of your cover image? This small changes gives you a lot more freedom to get creative and visually brand your page.

Too many pages have a static cover image. Use it for branding, to promote a marketing campaign or even other social networks your business is active on!

Just ensure the image isn’t blurry and use your brand colours too if possible. Don’t forget to include a call to action and a link in the description too.

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