A great social media strategy and campaign can help attract visitors, leads and customers – turning strangers into customers and promoters of your business.  If you aren’t sure exactly why social media is so important to marketing, read on…

  1. Social media helps with content promotion
    Social media helps to attract both new and returning visitors, which is probably a key goal of your marketing strategy. Creating great content is just the first step – social media is key to gaining traction and attracting readers to your content, whether this is your blog, webpage or another social media channel!
  2. Increased brand recognition and improved loyalty
    Social media networks are channels for your brands voice – it makes you more accessible to new customers and also familiar with existing ones. It also improves brand loyalty as research shows that brands who engage on social media channels receive higher loyalty from their customers.
  3. Find ideas for content
    There are so many different types of social media and social media monitoring tools that can help you generate new content ideas. Monitoring what is being shared or engaged with the most will guide you when creating content that people actually want to read. Almost all (hurry up Instagram) social media outlets have their own analytics tools – make sure you use them!
  4. Social media helps with SEO
    SEO is search engine optimisation and helps you achieve a higher ranking position in search engines. An effective social media strategy will create relationships with bloggers and social media influencers who can help promote your content through their social channels and network.
    This helps achieve link building, which is an important part of ranking in Google’s search engine results pages (SERP).  When you rank higher in the SERPs, you have a higher chance of gaining visitors.
  5. Social media insights provide understanding of your audience
    You might think you know who your audience is, but social media provides data that can help you understand exactly who they are. To create content that will attract visitors – make sure you are writing for your audience.