A Guide to Facebook Competitions

Competitions are a great way for small businesses (and budgets) to make a splash on Facebook, however, avoiding going against their terms and conditions isn’t so easy.

We frequently run competitions on various social media networks for clients, it helps the page gain awareness, followers (or ‘likers’) and rewards their loyal fans! Facebook is always a great platform to hold a competition and can reap many benefits such as:

  • Building awareness
  • Increasing followers
  • Encouraging engagement
  • Increasing sales/ calls/ enquiries/ website visits – this is depending on what you wish to achieve!

We recently ran a Facebook competition for a client and within the 14 days that the competition ran, they saw an increase in page likes of 42% – taking them from 440 to 629!  This is organic growth, meaning no money was spent on advertising.

Results vary on a number of factors, so take this in to account when planning your competition! Competition’s that allow a larger audience to enter gain best results – however regional competition’s have the same benefits, perhaps just on a smaller scale.

Despite being eligible for entries in just the Glasgow area as opposed to the whole of the UK, a competition that we ran for a local business saw an increase of 14% when it came to page likes.

We always make sure the prize is related to the business – it ensures that we’re reaching people interested in what we do and prevents gaining an irrelevant following.  It’s win-win, but there’s some Facebook guidelines you need to make sure you are following….

Make Sure You Follow Facebook’s Guidelines

Your promotion must follow the promotion guidelines.

To collect entries, you can ask people to:

  • Like or comment on a post on your Page (ex: “Like this post to enter”)
  • Publish to your Page
  • Send your Page a message


It’s better to stay safe than sorry – especially when it comes to Facebook competitions.  Facebook reserves the right to remove any Business Page, without warning for not adhering to t’s & c’s. So make sure you take all promotion guidelines into account.


We tailor Facebook competitions to your business; creating them to focus around a specific product or service you wish to promote as well as gaining more likes and engagement for your Facebook page! All our social media promotions adhere to that network’s competition rules. If you wish to find out more – just get in touch!

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