We provide digital marketing solutions based on your objectives, helping your business build an effective online presence.

What we do…

Creatively minded and commercially aware, Sensation Digital provide a range of Digital Marketing services including (but certainly not limited to); SEO, Social Media Management, PPC, Website Design & Website Hosting.

Sensation Digital was created with SME’s in mind, we work as an extension of your company when and as needed. Providing a range of effective and affordable digital marketing services without the overheads associated when you bring these activities in-house!

We don’t believe in just doing something for the sake of it and that’s why there’s no contract or minimum terms when it comes to our digital marketing services.

We’re here for you, when needed!

What’s behind our branding…

We believe that the definition of Sensation & how a peacock “shows off” in order to attract attention represents what we do! Sensation can be defined as “a widespread reaction of interest and excitement” and a peacock famously fans their feathers to show off.

Our digital marketing is tailored specifically to your objectives but also aims to create a widespread reaction to your brand when we show it off!

Recent Collaborations…

We work as a discreet extension of your organisation, so we don’t always shout about what we do and who for. However, we’re happy to show you some examples of relevant work, just get in touch.



Got a question? We would love to help – just get in touch with your enquiry and we’ll get back to you!


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