How to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

An effective content marketing strategy is key when it comes to generating leads. Create and share quality content to attract, acquire and engage with a clearly defined customer audience – with the goal of resulting in profitable customer action.  Here’s our top tips when it comes to improving your content marketing strategy.

Define Your Targets

Target Audience

Firstly, get very detailed about the specific audiences that you want to see your content. A quality target market outline will define your ideal customer down to their interests, location, habits and behaviours that relate to your product. Outline what their needs and pain points are.

Think about what their engagement cycle might look like and from there, create a map of content to deliver throughout the buyer journey.  With a deeper understating of your target market, you can begin to tailor your content strategy to them.

Usually, companies have more than one target market – but start with the most important. From this you can start to see what type of content to create, how it will be consumed and the best way to deliver it.

Brand Story

Define what brand ideas and messages you want to communicate through your content.  How will this content provide a message that differs from the competition? What will be the tone of your content? It’s important to also consider how the landscape will evolve after the content is shared with your audience.

Platform Plan

There’s so many to choose from but using all of them isn’t always the answer. Plan out which platforms you will use to tell your story and reach your defined target market.  Define processes and objectives within reach and work out how to analyse and measure performance on each one too.

Your content marketing strategy can serve a variety of purposes. How you use it depends on the action you wish your audience to take:

  • Prospecting
    Generating leads for sales and marketing teams
  • Marketing
    Generating interest in your products or services
  • Thought leadership/ awareness
    Developing name recognition to influence your industry
  • PR
    Developing and repairing public perception about your brand or offerings
  • Sales
    Helping your sales team close more deals, quicker
  • Community
    Developing friends and supporters who get the most of your offerings

Call to Action

The most important thing to remember here is calls to action. Remember that the goal for content when reaching your target audience is to see a profitable customer action.


A comprehensive content marketing strategy engages with the audience in order to bring them into the engagement cycle.

Analyse Platform Performance

Take a good, in-depth look at your analytics for each platform and put your money, time and effort towards the strategies that are working. Many companies invest too much of their efforts in to Facebook and Twitter, assuming that because they are the largest social platforms,  they should be there.  However, sometimes after careful analysis, most of your social media marketing traffic could result from other platforms that you hardly pay attention too such as Pinterest!

Engage With Your Audience

Give you audience what they want by engaging with them – ask for feedback and pay attention to the comments and questions you receive. Recognise that your audience might differ between platforms – those who follow you on Facebook might not be the same as those who follow you in Instagram.  Repackaging your content for different audiences means you’re more likely to engage with your customers.


Best practices for content marketing are constantly changing, so it’s important that you be open to change. Re-evaluate your strategy every few months and tweak your approach as needed.


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