New Year, New Facebook Strategy…

Effective use of Social Networking for your business is a game changer, however, sometimes it doesn’t always quite work out the way you would expect. If you’re not seeing the results you want from it, have a look at these tips to see how you could turn it round.

You’re not alone. It can be a difficult channel to master and a survey found that a whopping 49% of marketers consider it the most difficult inbound marketing channel! However, more than 1.79 billion users make it the world’s largest social media network, meaning that a large portion of your target audience will be active on Facebook. So instead of abandoning you efforts, improve them instead.

  1. Understand What’s Going Wrong

Firstly and importantly, understand why your page isn’t producing the results you’re looking for. This article goes through seven possible reasons as to why your Facebook Marketing fails, check it out here.

Try to identify a single reason. Multiple reasons can overlap and it’s helpful to note them, but you should prioritise the single issue that seems to affect your Facebook page the most.

  1. Analyse Your Current Resources

The next step is to try and analyse exactly what resources you currently put into the page. These could range from being monetary, such as boosting adverts to your time that it is committed.   Whatever they currently are, identify them and then try to determine whether these resources will be feasible to invest into the same project, but with more success, moving forward.

Resource analysis is crucial for any successful marketing planning and you can only develop and implement a successful strategy if you know exactly what you can invest into it.

  1. Focus on Your Audience

If you already have a Facebook page, you probably have a following. It may be small, but it still tends to exhibit common demographics – and you can find them using Facebook’s free insights tool.

“The more customer insights you have, the better you’re equipped to deliver meaningful messages to people. That’s the thinking behind Facebook Audience Insights, a new tool designed to help marketers learn more about their target audiences…” – Facebook 

  1. Compile a Content Strategy

Based on all of the above information, it’s time to build your content strategy. Content is king and Facebook marketing ultimately depends on the right content – if you can provide value to your followers, they will engage. Come up with a content calendar, to help you plan your posts and ensure you get a good mix of videos, pictures, links etc…

Depending on your resources, you might want to consider adding Facebook ads into the equation – this is something we can help you with, just get in touch!

  1. Monitoring & Control

Lastly, don’t forget to include setting up the framework essential to evaluating the effectiveness of your strategy. It takes time and adjustments to reach your goals.

That’s why you should build regular evaluation benchmarks into your strategy.

e.g. How many likes and or comments do you get in a month? How many website clicks?

These metrics should show an upward trend month-to-month from the moment you implement your new strategy but don’t forget it can take both time and tweaks too!

Regular evaluations can help you better understand how individual posts perform. You might find that videos get a higher reach than pictures, providing information to help build your content strategy.


We offer tailored Social Media Management services – find out more here.

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