Tips for Ecommerce Holiday Season

The Christmas countdown on already with countdown calendars dawning our Facebook timelines and restaurants shouting at us to BOOK NOW! It’s no surprise as (depending on the product), most retailers make a killing when it comes to holiday season.

This year, eCommerce companies are hoping to cash in on what has been called the big-time growth year for the industry since 2011.

Let’s take a look at our top tips to maximise your eCommerce activities this year;

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

We can’t stress this point enough. Not only did Mobile eCommerce grow by a whopping 28% in 2014 – more than 2 times the growth of desktop eCommerce – Google also now penalises sites that are not mobile friendly which can affect their visibility in search engine results.
You can test if your website (or any website) is mobile friendly or not here.


Keep Checkout Easy

Did you know that the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is around 69%! Avoid this by making the checkout process short, simply and secure.

One way of achieving this is a guest checkout option which eliminates the need for a user to create an account. Only ever ask for necessary personal information at this stage and offer a choice of payment options.

Make the Load Time Faster

Not only does it hinder SEO but slow loading times will also lead to customers abandoning your site.

  • 40% of visitors will leave if the web page does not load within 3 seconds
  • 79% of buyers won’t return if they are disappointed with your site’s load time

GTmetrix has a great tool that provides an in-depth analysis of your website’s speed – find it here.

Integrate with Social Media

Use social sharing buttons to integrate your product pages – it’s a smart and simple way to make sure your products reach customers via social media platforms. Making your products shareable on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ can turn your happy customers into salespeople.


Encourage prospects and customers on social media platforms and promote your exclusive offers for the holiday season. Why not have a look at our Social Media Management services? They are tailored to your organisation to help you reach your objectives.

Content is King

Content marketing can convert more customers. Include content such as write-ups, tips and gift guides – they will help position your website as a reliable resource for holiday shopping and an industry leader. It helps build customers’ trust and also attracts Google’s attention too!

Consider your Shipping Costs

A recent study shows that shipping costs were the main reason for shopping cart abandonment last holiday season. It also shows that free shipping continues to stimulate purchasing decisions on eCommerce websites.

  • 60% of buyers are ready to add more products to get free shipping
  • Over 80% are ready to wait an extra two days for delivery if it’s free
  • 70% require free return shipping to complete the purchase.

We offer tailored Social Media Management services – find out more here.

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